Ivana Mircevska

Last October, coming back home from an exhibition show held in Belgrade, on the train from Belgrade- Skopje, my painting professor approached me, as I was standing  alone by the window in the hall, with my head almost out, like dogs usually do. He came and joined me. After a moment of awkward silence, he said “Ivana do you know that if you walk more  it will prevent you from getting older?” (Ивана дали знаеш дека колку повеќе се движиш, толку поспоро старееш?)

After that my professor left and I stayed at window for a while thinking about it.


The thing about walking is that while you walk you are going parallel with the “path” of the time. In a way you are chasing it.

## Project##

Having the time and its dynamic in mind, I decided to do my own mapping by an instant and instinctive response while I walk. Creating installations and sculptures with material that I would find on the streets, making something knowing that won’t last for long, something that would increase my blood stream.

Sharing the idea I had with the other art students and later on the interest that some of them show about it, we decided to create the  first collaboration organized by the students in The Siena Art Institute.

More info about the development of the project  :https://sienaart.blog/t-r-a-s-h-w-a-l-k/

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