Lori Lamberto

The first “unguided” guided tour of Siena is with these directions (it should take approximately 30 minutes to an hour):

You can take a camera with you or write about your responses:)

1. Start wherever you would like to.

2. Take your first right.

3.Take your second left.

4. Stop in 50 feet (or meters), look left.

5. Look down.

6. Walk slowly, and continue straight.

7. Stop in 50 feet (or meters) look right.

8. Look North, continue walking.

9. Walk slowly, straight, take next right.

10. Listen.

11. Look at the person nearest to you.

12. Take next left.

13. Walk slowly, look right then left.

14. Look up.

15. Run a block (or until you feel like stopping).

16. Take next right.

17. Listen in 50 feet (or meters).

18. Take a left.

19. Turn around, go straight.

20. Take a left.

21. Look down.

22. Take you next right.


For my project, I am going to take people on tours based on a more random direction selection. I will give starting point, a list of directions, and have the person (or people) take a notebook to write down what is seen. I think it will be an interesting approach to notice different things in Siena.

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