Marko Mujičić

I really like the idea of taking a walk as an experience to make art out of. reading helped me understand a bit more about the project we are doing. There is always something different every tie we walk on same route, and it’s always influenced by destination. It is like we mostly don’t take a walk to walk, we are mostly walking towards that destination than might make us feel something on that walk that not is not completely only walking experience. Different emotions we can carry in this case will make different parts of the walk more or less interesting. BUT that is not the point we should be observing. That were my observations on every walk, not ever thinking about walk itself. After walking and mapping became the main theme of the project i started to observe them properly, or with a different point of view. Therefore came my wish to incorporate some unconventional type of map, like sky maps are, into the project. I am still a bit undecided about the way of combining them, and about what should i do with them when i manage to combine them ( I am unsure about the alphabet part, since a lot of people who i talked to find it hard to understand, so i might change over to something else). Back to reading. It’s not just about walk, its more about the whole idea of transport, and transition, and walk is the best possible example of it. it started with walking, it always comes down to walking, we are always doing it, ALWAYS. No matter how far we are going and what is the form of transport there is always a bit of walking involved ( well, we are not that futuristic society that levitates themselves up the stairs, not yet).

DSC_1490 DSC_1491 DSC_1492 DSC_1493

DSC_1494 DSC_1495 DSC_1497

Back to project. After some sketching i came up with concept i would like to pursue in the future. It is done with ink, and it involves combining of many elements that we aren’t so unfamiliar with, like some routes, sky maps, and simple geometrical shapes that we always run into. Geometrical shapes are just outlines of buildings in Siena, combined with sky map (real or unreal).  Thing i have been doing so far is combination of earlier mentioned elements where with every new one I’m trying to be more original and creative. In the end im still thinking about either combining existing star maps or inventing new ones. Point is – they should correspond street set-up of Siena no mater do they exist or not.

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