T R A S H  W A L K : a collaboration between Ivana Mircevska, Sophia Miller, Joanne Barrett and Anila Kondi

At  5:00am on  27 April, we set out from Piazza della Posta, each in her own direction. Our intention was to make artworks from the trash that we found on the street, creating beauty, order, or humor out of the city’s waste. We had one hour before meeting again in Il Campo.


This work is about finding new ways to see and experience the city.  This work is about creating something of value, even if fleeting, out of things discarded, neglected, or generally unnoticed. Usually, once we put our trash outside, we wipe our hands clean of it. We forget it immediately. It is no longer our concern.  The Trash Walk subverts this process, forcing us to notice the transcendent in the banal or even the foul, and even more importantly, forcing us to see the potential of our waste as a resource rather than a byproduct. By working with Siena’s trash, we engage with the city intimately. Furthermore, the Trash Walk is a practice in non-attachment, as everything we create will almost immediately be destroyed, possibly without having even been noticed.tv1kurcathah

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