Fall 2015 participants

Our Fall 2015 Students include:

Students are working alongside instructors Bernardo Giorgi and Lisa Nonken in the Art and Society course, as well as studying in elective courses including painting, photography, ceramics, silversmithing, & drawing.  During the Fall 2015 semester, visiting artist include and Latvian writer Jānis Joņevs, (Sept 2015) and Greek artist Dimitris Xonoglou (Oct 2015), as well as Fall Project Fellow Ellen Driscoll.

The Art and Society course allows students to develop substantive projects to further their portfolio development, and to have numerous opportunities to interact with a diverse array of artists, to deepen their understanding of contemporary art practices, and the various roles that artists can play in a broader social context.

Exploring thematic points of focus, we will explore how the concepts of “maps” “paths” “patterns” and “structures” relate not only to the specific context of our setting in Siena but also to our increasingly global and inter-cultural contemporary society.   As we experience the complex, multi-layered, and fascinating structures of Siena we will also discuss their connections to your personal backgrounds, as well as their parallels to global structures.   Structural divisions (both physical and ideologically) may seem very permeable in today’s world, while at the same time our everyday realities are becoming increasingly fractured in relation into “interest groups,” with divisions based on political viewpoints, age, socio-economic status, and educational background. Tensions relating to themes of migration and immigration specifically along border areas around the globe have also lead to new notions of nationalism as well as xenophobia and a heightened awareness of structural tensions. As students’ artistic projects develop this fall, they will be encouraged to address some of these broader issues based on their experiences in the region of Siena as well as experiences from their own cultural identities and backgrounds.

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