Rachel Pallmeyer

Images from End-of-Semester exhibition (Dec 12 2015):

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Images from Florence event CITYSCAPE ≤ X ≤ LANDSCAPE (Dec 3 2015):

Mid-Term project statement: 

Piante di Siena is a zine (a small, self-published magazine) based on streets within Siena’s city walls that are named after plants. While not all of the streets are covered, I selected seven to illustrate. When the booklet it opened, the other side has a map where the streets are labeled, not with their names but with the Latin names of the plants. It is not meant to be a practical map, but an alternative route. It will not get you where you need to go, but it will give you direction.

Rachel scan 2 Rachel scan 1

Personal bio:

Rachel Pallmeyer is currently studying at Mount Holyoke College.