Athanasios Karampetsos

Final Project Statement: 

For my final project, my idea was to create an artwork that the viewer will be able to interact with. Which means that he or she can recreate the piece by changing the order of the pages. The work combines 4 different sketchbooks sketched by me, each book was drawn in a different area. To continue, I put one sketchbook next to the other so the viewer can participate by changing the story of it. The materials I used were charcoal and paper. By mixing up those different spaces and areas a new space might emerge.

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Preparations for Final Exhibition: 


Mid-Term Project:  Cultural Intersections


The materials that I used for the mid-term project are ink, acrylic paint, different types of paper and images from magazines.


Reading response to Jerry Saltz “What Art is and What Artist Do”:

Art doesn’t have less meaning than science politics etc. because art is a form of knowledge.You are thinking and you create so there is a lot of meaning.  As an artist you have to work as much as possible and experiment all the time.”Work comes from work”,”Failure is the only way to succeed”


Intro Unit Project:  Coordinated Universal Time/ Tempo Zulu  

Work-in-Progress:  I was walking through Siena and I was looking for big parks or squares, the theme is about the trees and plants all over the city but for now… I want more time to work and see what will be happen. So this is the first step.
Every walk it took about 1:30-2 hours.  Every time I arrive in a park I am staying to draw some sketches 20-30 min. Then I’m walking again and stop only if I found a park. Or to take photos… route (Piazza Postierla-Piazza d. Liberta’ -Piazza San Francesco and some other smaller I don’t remember the names. Then back to the apartment).

Intro Unit Project:  Walk of Destiny

My walk of destiny was not as I materials,watercolors and brushes, didn’t work in the kind of paper that I used so I gave up my first plan and I was just walking in Siena’s streets..


20160831_141619-1Bio statement:

I showed interest in art at 2012 and for 1 year I studied painting and sketching in private school. After my exams I was able to study at the dept. Fine and Applied Arts at Western Macedonia University.  Until today I have studied photography, painting, sketching, printing and silk printing. I want to come to Siena and learn more about painting, creative writing and to see the Italian culture.

The participation of Greek students in the Siena Art Institute‘s Fall 2016 semester is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.