Ana Cvijanovic

Serbia, University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Applied Arts

Spring 2014 Program Participant

Final Project Statement “In Between”

I come from Serbia, a country that has been struggling for years to become part of the global consumer society. It is trapped between its heritage and new trends. The borderline that emerges in that chaos is my world. Changes that are pushed upon as, and things that we are not ready to accept lead to tearing. If we step forward we always lose a part of ourselves. The change is unavoidable, and sometimes comes unnoticed. Searching for a better future we stay trapped, unable to get rid of old ways. We accept the worst from the new age, and it’s easy to lose our place in the enormous system of buying and selling. Reading through the change and swimming in the borderline is somewhere I belong.

The figures have lost their substance. Hollow shapes are only indications of past times. They are trapped in space and time. Layers that were built up for years are peeling. Step by step we start to consume ourselves. Their hollow and fragile forms, give an uneasy feeling. The inner battle that they lost becomes evident. Passing through the same space, same corridor, every day it takes seconds of our time. We will leave a part of ourselves in that space and time.

Self-Portrait Project work, with Spring Project fellow Mequitta Ahuja:

Self-Portrait project work by student Ana Cvijanovic

Self-Portrait project work by student Ana Cvijanovic

“Retreat from Reality” 6-week Project Unit: 

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Work-in-Progress from first studio exercise “Sight, Site & Seriality”

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Intro Unit, Week 3: “Tempo Zulu” Project

For the third and final week of the intro unit, for her “Tempo Zulu Project” Ana created a proposal for paving stones to be installed in the Onda contrada with the inscriptions “l cavallo è piu importante di me” and “Il cavallo e l’arte in buon accordo.” Her Tempo Zulu project was very thoughtfully developed in response to dymamics that she has observed within the culture of Siena, and the project was very strongly presented during the group critique.

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Intro Unit, Week 2: “Mapping and Archiving” Project

For her Mapping & Exploring Project in week 2, Ana created a collage of photographs and drawings and found images, exploring the disorientation of intersecting perspectives.

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Intro Unit, Week 1: “Out of the Gates” Project

In the first week of the program, for her “Out of the Gates” project, Ana responded to the location of Porta S. Marco through a collection of snapshots culminating in a dramatic photoshop composition creating an image of the gate blocked.

Work by Ana Cvijanovic, week 1 "Out of the Gates"

Work by Ana Cvijanovic, week 1 “Out of the Gates”

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