Tana LaKale

Intro Unit Projects:


‘All flies go to the light’

Walking through the streets of Siena I noticed that in the business that had the most lights, the biggest advertisements and signs were the ones located on the main and most touristic street. Right after Piazza del Campo. The street behind this one, that wasn’t as crowded at all, some local restaurants were opened as well, but it seems like the businesses in the mail street stole all the light.
When I was in the ‘more local’ street, a Sienese man who seemed on a rush and needed help, asked me suddenly: SEI DI SIENA? and before I could answer, he answered looking at me: NO.
I couldn’t understand anything but the only problem was, that I just wasn’t in the right street.

Tana LaKale (Aitana Atarés), Spain


Bio statement:

Tana LaKale is a 21-year-old artist from Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) and about to have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona. She works in the boundaries between, painting, screen printing and illustration. Her art is always influenced by the outskirts livings, creative variety in towns and cities and the collective environment.

Artist’s Statement:

What you will find in my work are narratives. Stories, everything I create are stories. I tell stories to understand my own, although I didn’t know this in the beginning: Drawing, painting and ‘doing’ things with your hands are part of everyone’s unconscious development but in my case it has been the key tool to ‘be’ within the world.

While developing my drawing skills I realized that I have always lived on the edge of two realities: Between the big city and the neighbourhood, fine arts and illustration, having resources and not having them, lettering and image, personal and collective thoughts or opinions, institutional and non-institutional art. I do what I do because it’s the way of understanding myself and my environment, and over the time I’ve realized about something: My stories don’t belong to me but to everyone who can relate to them.

A selection of previous work:

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