Julia Sjölin

Final Project Statement: Figurin  (Video loop 3:55 min)

In Figurin I am creating a tension between a being and what it creates. I am observing saliva in repeated motion and tongues trying to keep completely still. By looking for the difference between a human body and a sculpture I search for where the subject begins and ends. I am working with the materiality of the body and its relation to the inside of it.

Response to “The Creative Act” by Gilles Deleuze

I think that it was very interesting when Deleuze defines ideas in cinema as ideas in blocks of movement-duration. It makes the whole concept of cinema something completely different than “something to tell stories with”. In that sense it opens up what cinema and also what video art can be. He also briefly mentions that there are “so many spaces in film.” I felt that this connects with my own artistic practice and am intrigued to read more about it.



Julia Sjölin, Sweden

Bio statement:

My name is Julia and I am studying my second year at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. I am born 1992 in Skellefteå, a small town in northern Sweden.

I mostly do video art that sometimes merges into sculpture/installation. In my work I want to investigate various layers of consciousness and presence. I try to dissolve the notion of subject and object, inside and outside. I treat human bodies in repeated motion to reveal a mechanical stiffness. The use of repetition and pace is important in my work, a rhythmic stuttering that balances between an unfolding of a narrative and a state. I try to make my work shift between the figurative and a dissolving into abstraction. As if seeing something very closely and clearly and then letting the gaze wander or lose the focus as if thinking of something else.

I am looking forward to come to Siena and Siena Art Institute to meet people, to read and to write. In Siena I hope to deepen my knowledge of art history and especially Siena’s historical art.

Images of Previous Artwork by Julia: