Ceramics: Ike Fenner

An archive of Ceramics work by Ike Fenner from the Spring 2020 semester.

Cemetery Project:

This project is inspired by the Mountain View cemetery in Oakland, California.  I started by looking and thinking about what is memorable about the cemetery. It’s a beautiful place with lots of greenery and nice structures as graves and mausoleums. The outer portion of the double pyramid I made is supposed to represent the visual side of the cemetery and what you see when you go there. The pyramid shape is one of the most memorable ones that I’ve seen in the cemetery and that is why I chose it. The inside pyramid and all of the eyes over it represent the dead people who are at rest where I like to hang out. This fact that we are spending time where dead people rest is always in the back of my mind when I go there. I chose green for the paper and for the pastels because of the greenery and grass in the cemetery. The snake-like strips on the inner pyramid represent the roads as one looks at the cemetery from above. There are lots of winding roads that intertwine with each other throughout the hills.


Ike Fenner ‘s artwork is also on display in the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show: