Photography: Fernando Torralba

An archive of Photography work created by Fernando Torralba during the Spring 2020 semester:


This photo series encapsulates some of the emotions that I felt as the global crisis unfolded. Self-quarantine at home has been a game of self-discipline. The constant need to tell yourself that even when the sun shines outside, the danger is just as present. Lurking on any surface, one that has transformed symbols of escape into forbidden territory.

Chasing Light

As the days blend together under the weight of the corona virus, we cling to whatever semblance of normalcy that can be found. Old friendships, new hobbies, the search for comfort manifests in a multitude of ways. While I ponder my fate in the shadows of my home I seek out the last vestiges of light, a reminder that even in confinement the outside is out there, waiting.



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