Spring 2022

On Saturday April 23rd 2022 from 17.30 to 19.30 in Via E. S. Piccolomini 2, the exhibition will be held of the work carried out by the artists of the Siena Art Institute and by the students of the Siena School for Liberal Arts during their semester of residence in Siena.
The event will be enriched by the open studio of artists-in-residence Mo Abd-Ulla from Iraq and Angerami from Brazil.
The public will be able to explore their workspaces and view their work in progress.

SPRING SHOW 2022 Il 23 aprile 2022 dalle 17.30 alle 19.30 in Via E. S. Piccolomini 2, si terrà la mostra del lavoro portato avanti dagli artisti del Siena Art Institute e dagli studenti della Siena School for Liberal Arts durante il loro semestre di residenza a Siena.
L’evento sarà arricchito dall’open studio degli artisti in residenza Mo-Abd-Ulla di Iraq e Angerami di Brazil.
Il pubblico potrà esplorare i loro spazio di lavoro e ammirare i loro work in progress.