Spring 2020 Profile: Olivia Wrobleski

Olivia Wrobleski’s artwork is on display in the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show:

Bio statement:

As an undergraduate, I have spent the last three years of university studying art history, ancient studies (with a concentration on art and archaeology), and visual arts at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

I would describe my art as organic and emotional. I draw inspiration from people and places, and like to focus my attention to certain individual unique elements in hopes of creating pieces that stem from my perspective to create something personal and intimate. By doing so, my goal is to connect with people through experiences and emotions within everyday life by sharing my own. While I enjoy practicing with many different mediums (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc.), I have recently found myself gravitating toward sculpting, particularly with clay, and photography. Both of these mediums allow for artistic documentation, as clay is built up and reveals signs of the artist’s hand, while photography, more literally, is used to document life in image. I hope to continue discovering means of self-expression and global understanding that will continue to influence my creative process to create work that is an illustration of the human condition.

A selection of previous work: