Spring 2020 Profile: Rozalia Tegougianni

Rozalia Tegougianni’s artwork is on display in the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show:


Rozalia Tegougianni is studying at the Siena Art Institute for the Spring 2020 semester thanks to a special scholarship organized in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Bio statement: 

photoAs an undergraduate Architecture student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I found myself particularly interested in the way that the perception of experienced space is affecting the human psyche.

Because of my artistic background (classical music and drawing studies), I was occupied with design and crafts from a young age. Today I am working on this passion of mine as a costumer, set designer in a theatrical team and especially as a graphic designer. Also, I attend various international architectural and artistic workshops.

Conceptual art is the main characteristic of my creations which is indissolubly connected with the abstract territory of art. The themes of above-mentioned creations revolve around human psychosynthesis and interaction, melancholy regarding the past, the ephemeral nature of life, with all these themes subjected under an ironic prism. The irony and the romanticism portrayed in my works is reinforced by the materials being used, mostly of low quality and repurposed. Also, in many of my projects I use experimental music and sounds in order to intensify the intended experience.

I believe that my participation in SNF-SART Scholarship Program will help me gain a deeper artistic background in theoretical as well as in practical level (the variety of materials and techniques being available). Needless to say, I am excited about meritocratic nature of the program, and its wonderful location!

A selection of previous work: