This blog serves as documentation of the work of students in the Siena Art Institute‘s Art and Society course.

The interdisciplinary Art & Society Course is central to the mission of the Siena Art Institute (“SART”), and is required for all students.

The course allows students to develop substantive projects to further their portfolio development, and to have numerous opportunities to interact with a diverse array of artists, to deepen their understanding of contemporary art practices, and the various roles that artists can play in a broader social context.

The course is divided into three project units:  the 3-week Introductory Project Unit, the 6-week Mid-Term Project Unit, and the 5-week Final Project Unit.  Through the progression of these projects, students are guided through the production of a strong personal body of work, fostering their ongoing portfolio development.

Students’ work on their individual artistic projects is augmented by an exploration of the city of Siena and its surrounding territory as a complex historical and social setting to which students are asked to respond artistically. A variety of activities, including collaborative projects,research, visits to galleries, museums, and other locations in the local area, presentations from guest artists and creative professionals, and discussions of assigned readings contribute inspiration and context for students’ projects.


Siena Art Institute Onlus
Via Tommaso Pendola 37
53100 Siena (Italy)email: office@sienaart.org
tel  +39 0577 247739
fax + 39 0577 1959107
skype: SienaArt
twitter  @sienaart
Facebook: Siena Art Institute

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