Konstantinos Mouchtaridis

Preparations for Final Exhibition: 


Intro Unit Project:  Coordinated Universal Time – Tempo Zulu

Work-in-progress:  Searching for examples of how our visual information (the environment we live and experience) forms subconsciously our optical perception, by extension, our aesthetics. I found my answer in History of Arts thinking about what Paul Cezanne did when was painting the mountain in Provence. Also ,I was searching for traditional hand woven textiles come from all over the world, because I believe that they depict how the people detect the informations that environment provides to them….. I decide that geometry is my key because it’s the only rational tool we have, that helps us to decode the optical reality.

Intro Unit Project: Walk of Destiny

As I was walking through the streets, I realized that people around me do the same. I decided to sit down at a stable point and try to draw the figures of the people who quickly pass through my field of vision. I observed the continuously changing shapes that result from their movements, trying to catch their instantaneous poses, according to my own values about a figure in a space in an image.


Bio Statement:

unspecifiedMy name is Konstantinos Mouchtaridis. I am from Greece, I was born in Thessaloniki on December 9th of 1996. I grew up in Serres a small provincial city north of Thessaloniki. I graduated from Serres Music High School two years ago, so for six years I took courses of clarinet, piano, music theory etc. At the same time, when I was 15 years old I started to take my first drawing courses in Serres and a year later in Thessaloniki, in order to prepare myself for the entrance exams of Fine Arts Schools  of my country. In September  2014 I started  studying painting at Athens School of Fine Arts with proffesors Michalis Manousakis and Konstantinos Tsolis. Also, I  attended courses in typograpfy-graphic design and multimedia.

The participation of Greek students in the Siena Art Institute‘s Fall 2016 semester is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.