Iris Bournazou

Final Project Statement: 

Cognition. Point. Beginning. Line. Space. Surface. Form. Breath. Action. Aura. Connection. Truth. Primitive. Time. Thought. Quest. Notion. Shout. Memory. Vision. Route. Unknown. Instinct. Void. Print. Entropy. Words. Worlds. Entity. Universe. Spiritual. Freedom. Flame. Effort. Expression. Experience. Moment.

Artist’s Statement: 

Feeling a scream getting bigger inside me I have to find a way to turn my thoughts into words, my words into matter and my visions into actions. So my instinct becomes a point, a line, a surface, a motive, a unit, a collective, a contradiction, a breath, an energy, a shape, an action, an incident, a movement, a detail… And the creation turns into a reason for a preparation, it becomes searching and action. The essence transforms and is not stopping to exist, to work as long as the understanding of it brings freedom. The only thing that actually remains is to see, listen and feel every stimulus that stands in front of you.

Art is…

One of the eternal questions. What is Art? The purpose of art is not to be specific, nor to engage in a question or answer. The purpose of art is the breaths you get and the values. Art is your first idea, the primitive. Art is the quest. Think.

‘‘From within this human mire divine songs have welled up, great ideas, violent loves, an unsleeping assault full of mystery, without beginning or end, without purpose, beyond every purpose.’’i

i Nikos Kazantazkis, “The Saviours of God, Spiritual Exercises”.


Mid-Term Project:

Notion. Energy. Field. Negative. Positive. Autonomy. Black. White. Oppositeness. Frame. Rectangular. Trace. Unit. Freedom. Movement. Landscape. Monitors. Near. Observation. Lens. Screenshots. Vision. Truth. Light. Shadow. Note. Second. Worlds. Blue. Deadlock. Revolution. Unconscious. Connection. Video. Soul. Picture. Medium. Digital. Aura. End. Principle. Sequence. Development. Fact. Thought. Insomnia. Random. Vacuum. All over. Disease. Creation. Act. Script. Dynamic. Primary. Material. Raw. Signs. History. Waist. Accident. Imprint. Maze. Infertility. Analysis. Identity. Exile. Selection. Entropy. Research. Expression. Spot. Line. Form.

Luoghi di Fuga: Notebook Project:

Intro Unit Project: Multi-sensory Materiality

Intro Unit Project: Tempo Zulu Map

The Tempo Zulu project contains many concepts. Initially, the first important concept is space. Space is perceived as a series of relations. This includes the wandering, the body movement, the observation and the activation of each sensation.

Also, the second concept is time. Despite the fact that time is yet another human invention, its concept continues to be important. Tempo Zulu refers to universal time. Moreover, a comment that could be included is that the stones – among few materials – can capture the time through their wear.

For all the above reasons, the main idea of the project is the creation of a conceptual map. Conceptual map includes a kind of representation of thought and sense. This particular map – Tempo Zulu Map – was created through a personal wandering and observation. The creation of the map reflects the sensation and energy of the route and observation, of time and space.

Lines that keep my mind alive, lines that create new paths.

Iris Bournazou. Digital Art. SART Scholarship. Tempo Zulu Conceptual Map


Intro Unit Project:  Points of Entry:

Porta Fontebranda
The Fontebranda Gate is one of the remaining portals in the medieval Walls of Siena. It is located on via di Fontebranda , in Siena, region of Tuscan, Italy. The brick and the stone gate was built into the new walls in 1255 and originally also had an outside antiporta, no longer extant. It was one of the main western entrances to the city. It stands near Fontebranda one of Siena s medieval fountains.
It all begins with one spot.
Then the line is born. The line is my way to Porta Fontebranda. Approaching the site, you can feel all the years that have passed since the gate was built. As you observe more , you can notice space and time, words and shapes. This pattern creates a special aura. For my point of entry I decided to use black and white , lines and shapes, images and sounds in order to make you feel this kind of energy.



Iris Bournazou, Greece
Bio statement:

My name is Iris Bournazou. I grew up in Trikala, Greece. Initially, I studied at Technological Educational Institute of Epirus Greece, Department of Artistic Studies and then at Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands, Department of Digital Media and Communication, Former Public Relations and Communication. Now I am a third year student at School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Department of Fine and Applied Arts. My artistic work based in many different mediums such as photography, video art, drawing, painting etc. I have participated in several artistic events, such as collective and individual exhibitions. I am studying at the Siena Art Institute to continue to experiment with new mediums, explore my personal style and broaden my horizons.