Tereza Panzieri-Stepanian

Final Project Statement: 

Every person is different. They feel, they see, they hear, they smell in a different way. The same happens with  artwork.  Everybody  understands and sees art in their own unique way. When you paint, you have to plan from the  beginning – how you will move, how you handle things? There are some questions that I ask myself many times. What is painting? What is art? Art is to be able to express yourself freely without fear of being judged. It is the release of your emotions and your worries. What is memory? How does memories remain in time? How can one capture it?

Through this project I decided to present in my own unique way the importance of memory, the need of humankind to collect things and to create memories: the importance of the object in time. How can someone capture it on paper? Words have their own story (Kissinger) and the objects too.

And so I made my own personal calendar

Artist’s Statement:

When you paint you create. You are free you are expressing yourself in your own unique way, you are not afraid, an explosion of your emotions  and your worries happen. Every person is expressed differently. They see, they smell, they feel, they hear, this happen  with artworks too. Every person sees and perceives it in a different way: “Everybody wants to understand art. Why don’t we try to understand the song of a bird? Why do we love the night, the flowers, everything around us,without trying to understand them? But in the case of a painting, people think they have to understand” ( Picasso ).
When I work I always want to be close to the issues that concern me – moving objects in my own way. My work includes freedom of gesture and bright colors. I am trying to find the child I’m hiding in me. Art for me is pleasure. Since i was a little,  i grew up with artistic surroundings. Everyday life inspires me to create.

Art is…

It’s the reality seen through the feelings of the artist.
It’s to dare, to use freely your senses and to fall in love with them without barriers, with a freedom that penetrates ourselves.
For me art is finding again my childhood, finding the kid I’m hiding.
To express my self in my own unique way.  It’s my place of escape.
Everyone is an artist. Every person has inside their own emotions, fantasies, sensibilities but not everyone can express them in the same way. Everyone can see them but not all of us can express them.
Art has the ability to transmit emotions to others.


Mid-Term Project:

I decided to work with maps and the mind map. Its something that interested me a lot and i wanted to see it deeply.Basically to create a big book ” diary ” that contain photographs, memories, ” stories “. The reference for my artwork was from a project that the subject was to create a mind map and represented in a small notebook, my point of view of Siena, the way i see it. The book was made with a variety of materials ( materials that i select from my everyday life here ). Through this book i wanted to pictured my experiences in this town, my memories and connect all the five senses.

Luoghi di Fuga Notebook Project: 

Intro Unit Project: Multi-sensory Materiality

Intro Unit Project: Tempo Zulu

Project in progress
 I want and I need in my life colors as well as I want them in my paintings.
I decided that my stone will be different by the others in the colors and the material. Contrary to the rest, this stone will be in the nature. I was affected and influenced by our visit to the lab of glass by the strength of the color , the reflection of the glasses  and the chromatic changes that took place according to how the sun struck them.
Present ant past and vice versa something unexpected. Firstly I wanted to find to the map the points where the stones are located to place small glasses so as to create a path in this way somehow to drive to lead the spectator to my stone. I decided to place it in the garden of orto de Pecci in the middle of the green. My ” stone ” will be of glasses of various shapes as flowers , that with the sunlight reflect and expand,   constantly changing colors.


Intro Unit Project:  Ports of Entry:

                                                           PORTA PISPINI


1.    Light – darkness

 Angles and curves

I went there when there was not so much light.

The contrast of the photographs, the shapes, the angles and curves.

The contrast of the sky ( almost night ) and the gate angles tooked alive.

The angles that are created by the combination of the gate and the sky.

The oppositions and the combination between the sky and the gate create geometrical shapes ( angles ).

The dusk is the time that alters the shapes and feelings.

Light effects dominate this photo.


2.    Focus, detail, zoom.

The way the pictures were taken, the colors, the lines (some narrow and some wide), they reminded me of images that I have seen in my every-day life. 

Something old and something new.

The past and the present.

Maybe, although the memory and the eye normally focuses on the things they want. Their memory is inside us, living inside us.

I see something, the photo deeply reminds me of something that we have just seen in the past or present.

The lines in the images that are formed, the narrow and wide, the different materials, the colors remind me icons, images that I have encountered again.


Teresa Panzieri Stepanian, Greece

Bio Statement: 

My name is Teresa Panzieri Stepanian.
I was born on November 1997 in Athens Greece. My mother, Alis , is Greek and my father Fabrizio
is Italian.
I finished my studies in Athens and from four to twelve years old I attended ceramics courses,
painting, collage etc at “Child Museum of Modern Arts” in Plaka Athens. My mother loves
painting, my father’s hobby is photography so I was surrounded by an “artistic environment”.
16 years old, during high school, I attended painting lessons from two well know greeks artists: M.
Belteko and D. Sarasiti.
On 2015, after finishing high school I managed to pass to the Fine Arts School both of Athens
and Thessaloniki, chosing the first one. In these first two years of Academy I worked on painting,
color, collage and ceramics with teachers M. Manousaki and K. Tsiolis.
Other activities that i have been engaged in were dancing, ballet at the State School of Athens,
and volleyball in the youth teams of the Panathinaikos.
In addition to Greek and Italian, which are the languages of my parents, I speak English at a Lower
Over the past two years, during the weekends, I worked at a company that organizes children’s
parties, taking care of the “artistic” activities of the children themselves. I recently started again a
dance course and discovered a new and exciting hobby: The Aerial Silk.
With great joy I accepted the terrific proposal from my professor M. Manousaki to follow the Siena
Art Courses in a city that on the one hand represents some of my roots (my father) on the other is
an artistic and cultural heritage recognized worldwide.
I really can not wait to have this new experience out of Greece.
I like my Athens School, my teachers, my classmates and I’m not interested in making
comparisons. What I’m interested in is a change and a new experience in a country that, like
Greece, is the source of our Culture.

Teresa Panzieri Stepanian