Enza Rripaj

Final Project:

The vibration

We are vertical lines that move the body and give us new space and time. In this case, time and space have given me the opportunity to be a vertical line in between two different realities such is the Church and the Prison. We never stop to analyze what happens between two opposites. Most of the times coincide that we are in between something, but we do not have the power to stop time and to feel the vibration because there, when you cannot see anything, there is always something.
I do not have always the force to stop time, and be right in between, and stare at what is happening around me. That’s why I’ve put myself here, exactly inside a wall, inside an empty space.
Even if we stare at this space, we cannot have a conversation with it. The only thing we have is two doors and an invented middle line.
Nothing stops when we want, but I wish we had the force to control the intensity of the vibration.
I am the line in between, just as this empty space is a missing part of the wall.
We both have something behind and ahead, and we both are moving on because time is getting shorter.

Response to Alfredo Jaar “On the Being of Being an Artist”
Reality has an order and this reality happens while we live. The reason for every good or bad situation in the world is because of us. But this doesn’t matter that much, more important it is how we handle the situation after it happens.
What about the role of the artist? Maybe it’s not exactly here where the artist should intervene, but there are artists who turn every problem of society into a work of art by pointing out even more what society despises and doesn’t want. So, here the realities begin te interact, which means that the different realities within a big reality enter into a conversation.
Darker times for mankind are the hardest ones, but for the artist they are only opportunities to give an answer or simply another way of perceiving.

Reading response to Jerry Saltz “What Art Is and What Artists Do”

Art doesn’t change the world, at least it doesn’t come to life to change the world. It creates a second world that lives parallel to our world. Art makes no deal with anyone, not even with the artist himself. Art is free, but that doesn’t mean everything is art. It is true that everything is unique around us, but to be art, things need new time and new space except from what they actually have.
It exists a force that comes from the universe and that force wants to be transformed into something. To make this happen someone picks a person and give to him knowledge to make this passage real.
This passage is painful, if the artist doesn’t feel it then we are not talking about real art. But you can question, what is real art?
Art sometimes doesn’t need a lot of work, it mostly needs sensitivity and wisdom to turn that force into something concrete that allows you to enter in that parallel world.
Each artist should believe in his inner self and the rest doesn’t  matter.
Courage and resistance is needed.




Mid-Term Project:  The Mistake 


The mind and the body connect to each other with an invisible vertical line. All the information circulates there. There are moments when that line disconnects and it is exactly in this disconnection where a mistake happens. This whole process is natural, in most cases we do not understand that. There are a few cases in which we stop for a while, take the mistake and treat it as an absolute truth. So, the mistake is something dark, it is part of our unconsciousness.
So, we are talking about the mistake in general because if we specify it we will lose that fine line between the mind and the body.
The eye sees different realities, full of light, full of objects and full of people. What happens if it sees dead realities? Will it be able to identify any of them? The mistake in this job is done in a darkroom with lights on. The film is light sensitive, it needs to be well hidden from the light. Darkroom is a room that should be completely dark to allow the processing of light sensitive photographic materials, including film and photographic paper. Here I have a part of the film which is burnt by light, but photos are still there. The mistake is mine and the consequence is in your thoughts.

SpaceToMake Walk:

La finestra che parla


The Window that Speaks:

Heyyy, Hi everyone!  In these days I was woken up from sleeping and told that some people would come to visit me …. but am I so important? Well, let’s see. They told me to tell my story. I don’t remember it so well because I’m too old. But my story starts from nothing. One day someone thought of creating me, I don’t know why, well, I’m not sure. These days I have seen that many years have passed, but I have remained small. I only know that there is a big window next to me. We are friends, sometimes we fight, but in the end we cannot live without each other. And yes, I am the smallest window in Siena, perhaps the smallest in the world. Not everyone sees me and for this I want to give some coordinates. I am on the third floor, in the palace Chigi Piccolomini which is located in Piazza Postierla, right here where you are now. I was born in the early 1900s. It’s dark inside me. At that time people kept the necessary things for cleaning inside of me. It seems to me that this is one of the reasons I was built, to make the light enter inside me, because people are not able to see in the darkness. Rare are those who can see the darkness of their time. Now I am going to sleep again, maybe I will grow up, but anyway we will see one day, who knows when. If you have a story to tell, I am here, always, you have just to knock in the darkness.


Response to Rebecca Solnit “Blue of Distance”:

Cyan and the Head

Once upon a time there was a small room full of mystery inside. As I remember, it was the year 1474.
The room had only one window where you could see outside. Inside the room was a small Head who dreamed at least once in her life to see Cyan entering from the window. She only could be able to imagine objects and people standing outside the room.
Simone Weil has been speaking with the sky every night about love. Joachim Patenier was curious about the conversation, but the sound of the ocean did not allow the words to be heard.
The brown tree trunk in Bolivia reminded me of my childhood in Oblivion in 1490. The mountains were talking to one another, the rivers too, for example Lake Boneville spoke with Lake Titicaca. Their conversation was very deep.
The outside world was talking about everything and nothing while the Head inside the room kept dreaming and the desire to touch the air was very strong. The only chance to get out was the window and the year 1503, but the window was too high and the year 1503 had already passed.
One day, it was the year 1571, Cyan was standing outside, near the window and finally the Head was able to see him, but she never touched it. Every time she wanted to touch Cyan, the more Cyan went away so they never reached one another even though they know each other closely.



Guidebook Project:



This is a conversation between me and an object

-it is a book, right?
-yes, it seems so
-no, new
-how big?
-smaller than you can imagine
-I have it here, but I can not say that it is mine
-what are you going to do with it?
-I am still thinking
-do not think to much
-because you will not find anything
-maybe I will find you
-I do not think so
-do you have any idea?
-no, because I am inside your idea
-I will draw the stars in a dark sky
-it seems difficult
-but it is not
-what about inside?
-I will change the function
-how can you transform the sheets into something else?
-thinking they are not just sheets
-but they are sheets
-may be seconds
-how can you draw e second?
-writing some numbers
-and that’s all?
-I will not be able to read them, but I know you will make mistakes
-because I am inside your head and I know you very well
-well, I made 17 mistakes
-I knew, I thought you would do more
-maybe I did and I have not seen all of them
-how many minutes last the book?
-35 minutes aand 21 seconds
-you are lying
-I know
-and this will be your guide?
-I just wanted to stop the time and put it somewhere

Art-Craft Response: 

We have objects everywhere, some are usable and some are not. Transforming objects into a work of art or using them to create something useful is a time-consuming process. It is also the gesture, for example, you take an object and change its function into another function and this gesture I can say that is contemporary.
For me an Artisan is someone who is not thinking to much or he does not have a deep explanation for what he is doing. He is only participating in that process because he likes it, feels good and can earn money from that or he is inheriting the process from his predecessors that can be called like a family tradition.


Tempo Zulu Project: 


Where is the border?
While walking and seeing the stones that artists made for Tempo Zulu I started to think and not to think at the same time because that walk was made of opposite feelings, opposite objects (soft – hard, dark room – white being, time – space, saying – not saying, moving – not moving, having – not having, knowing – not knowing, we see what is that but what is that) Here I thought about magnets, about a game that can be played in an easy way.
Each magnet has it’s own opposite poles, North and Sud. These poles attract each other. The magnetic field can be drawn using magnetic field lines. These have arrows along them showing the direction of the magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic field is given by the density of the lines – the closer the lines, the stronger the magnetic field. At this point I started to think that in this magnetic field may be a border that allows you to move the magnet without touching it and for me was also like moving the stones, moving the invisible. The force to find the border is the concentration.
You attract the opposite, but you can also push that away from you. So, how can we be in between pushing and attracting, or do we need to be there or do we have a reason to be there?
I want to underline what Gilles Deleuze said In a speech “The words rise into the air, as the ground we see drops further down. Or rather, as these words rise into the air, what they are talking about goes underground”
And so, I can continue to play that game again and again, even if I know that I will not find the border but I can continue asking where is it.

First Reading Response, Rebecca Solnit “Shape of a Walk:”

The road is an idea, but it is a confusing idea. The walk is a process inside that idea.
Every one of us can create a road belonging to his personality and sensibility. Every artist in his subconscious wants to create a road, and this subconscious becomes conscious in the moment when the artist creates a work of art that can be seen or unseen. The whole process of the walk comes from the force to exist and the power to react. Reading is also a way of reacting. Letters are small ideas that when made together make sense, but at the same time can also be a misunderstanding, or even worse, not understanding nothing at all. In this moment I am reacting using my thoughts but still it is a confusing idea the idea of understanding the road while walking.

First Intro Unit Project: “Walk of Destiny:” – Sky can be a road

The zero point is in front of a century-old building. I was standing right there thinking about the path I would choose. My body was divided into several parts. The feet followed the path, the ears caught the noises, the eyes looked up. All of this was happening at the same time, with the same intensity, but with different reactions. The mobile was the only tool that did not understand very well what was going on, but it helped me to record the walking process and it created a quiet road up there, where noises and vehicles are  not  yet allowed. The final destination was behind the century-old building, opposite the zero point where I started thinking about the road.


Bio statement:


My name is Enza Rripaj. I am from Shkodra, Albania. I finished my studies in Picture and Graphic in my city, Shkoder. I have been part in a bi-weekly workshop “Performace Urbane” in Milan and Art House, Shkoder. I have also been part in a bi-weekly residential module “The Encounter. Reclaiming the potentiality of affection” at Citta dell’arte Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella and Art House Shkoder.
My works are focused on video, photo, performance and installation. Almost everything that happens in video and performance is related to the movement of the object, the distortion of human limbs and the absurd situations. What I want to discover is the essence. Discovering the essence I can create something new. I have chosen the phone as a tool for use. The phone is set in such a way to allow me to catch a minimalist and absurd situation that occurs above my head. Philosophy has an important role in my inspiration. It gives me the possibility of a monologue during the process of creation. Writing is my passion.
I have many questions related to art and I think Siena will be one of the answers.

Selection of previous work: