Spiros Anemoyiannis

Final Project

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These fruits are for us all, to take and cherish so proceed into this paradox where we have been all along. Whether you are small or big, or experiencing some dualistic state, here you will find a shelter. However, do not think that any era is proclaimed here nor some objectivity about the contemporary. There is no certain number of tokens that can be dispensed because the only certainty is the maintenance of a continuous reformation. Since you have arrived at this point, there must be already a contradiction, so do not take that as an obligation to follow. I have found my joy, one joy, and I invite you to seek yours. Start with naming it as you would desire the most.



Reading response to Alfredo Jaar “On the Being of Being an Artist” 

We are at war
Towards the senseless
I feel
I have a clear view,
towards the sensitive I feel small
and thankful and full,
with yet unfulfilled dreams.

Reading response to Jerry Saltz “What Art Is and What Artists Do”: 

I stand here, sturdy, peacefully, patiently.
Here are all these sweet and smiling people pointing their fingers. Their unsolicited opinions are always inevitable. How can they not be? They are leading experts as we would like to be one day as well. Though, this is not a place to lead nor to have nor to know – everything. We know ourselves and we give when and if it is asked. And what we give isn’t ourselves but a warm different place to every individual.
If nothing is asked, you stand there, sturdy, peacefully, patiently.

Mid-Term Project:

empirical reality / transcendental ideality

We are locals on that path.

But our time is running out.

Just with that we will build this town again. Like all of them have been doing for so long, always. Only we are not them.

Because our time is running out.

And every building is done with time and I may know how to build but no one knows how to run. So we will build a town for the people whom we do not yet know.

For them who are coming. After us or in peace.

And our time is running out.

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#SpaceToMake Walk:

2Το ζώο που μας απειλεί τώρα λέγεται χρόνος.

Το σκοινί είναι ο χρόνος σας.


Response to Rebecca Solnit “Blue of Distance”


The poets are standing now by our side next to the scientists because now they see together. Always, our eyes were deceivers and they did not see the whole spectrum but now we have quantum eyes. And we bought all the symbols like the skies, the mountains, the cities, because that’s the only thing we do now even if everything is collapsing rapidly. We seem like craving something constantly, we have always seemed like so, because we still try to connect two points even though romanticism is consumed now. However the poets will save us because now they see with their new bionic eyes. They know that every point is connected now because the network is much more complicated than it was before. The poets are now observers not viewers because this network doesn’t know the far, knows only information.

So, they learn and they see a little more, day by day until there is an eye and not an i anymore.

Guidebook Project

These are what they seem to be. These are not in line:

under control, in order, in check, obedient, conforming with the rules.

These are definitions, of someone.


Art & Craft reflection: 


Now a little further, year 1917 but yet, not today. We are now machines and we are facing only the time. And there are no Prizes that we can win nor we can certify. For the transvestites and the romantics that we love so dearly we must go on. Because we are now machines and we work and we consume and that is pretty much all there is. So what we do now?



Tempo Zulu Project: 

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We exist, but they don’t see us.

We are there, but they can’t sell us.

They photograph us, but they can not take us with them.

They step on us, but we will not fade away.

This stone belongs to us and we will be revealed as they want us to be. They indicate everything so this is our statement. This stone has no place because you need to find us all if you need to know where we are. It seems that now we attain a goal but we were always did. If you decide to commit this act you will become one of us. You will become timeless. You will become hard and tough and cruel and stiff, If you are not already. So go on, act like you always do. You will fade away like we will. Will you have lived before that?


First Reading Response, Rebecca Solnit “Shape of a Walk:”

The clock is ticking and I have to run, I have to run faster. This is an uphill land they should have known. As I know the past, as I have studied that, as I have fallen in love with that.

And they might be a thousand selves, like weapons but I am not at war, they want us to be. Thus, stop putting obstacles, we are not on 1958 and we need allies to overtake this madness that has been on since forever.

We are today.

How can we trust, they will ask, we are so afraid, they will say. I am not, I will tell them because I’ve walked many times, in many places and that does not come with time.

Time comes with the walking so we walk alone.


First Intro Unit Project: “Walk of Destiny:”

There was no end or start because the network continues inside and beyond the walls. There it was, the essence of everything that have been made here, a narrow street. An uphill line that was revealing multiple vertical connections. Each part, windows, arches, uncovered pipings was facing an opposite. There was no counterpoint but a perpetual terrain that covered everything. A layered construction. At some point it merged together and then it continued to another direction towards the sky. It was always united how you could not see? The tools you have are these, and those are what you will work with. You were what you have always were, and that needs to be discovered.


Bio statement:

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I would rather deeply feel a place than dwell it.

As an undergraduate student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Architecture my main research is based on the terms of space that translate into a state of deep sensation. I concentrate particularly in the processes where agonising thoughts are expressed through automatic moves/acts/words. The experience I gained from my first degree from the Technological Educational Institute of Serres, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering has led me to use materials that differ depending on the project with the main approach to be to express the dualism between concepts such as covered-exposed, empty-filled, solid-sheer. Photography is a parallel topic of focus for me which I use so I can directly imprint a situation. Currently I’m at a place where I’m trying to guide my thoughts through a way of acceptance of the unknown which I hope that will liberate the ways of my work. SNF-SART Scholarship Program represents for me the unknown and the seeking of something which is exactly the reason that drives me.

Selection of previous work: 

Spiros is studying at the Siena Art Institute thanks to the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.