Jimmy Marrone


Final Project statement:

For this project, I wanted to focus on the gender dynamics in our society. In the video I wanted to capture what it can be like for someone interacting in a space that is private and a space they can call their own. Where they won’t feel judged. And then once leaving the space you can be left with a feeling of incompletion. In the video I wanted to show the differences between reality and desire.

Mid-Term Project:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 07.23.46

Mid-term Project statement:

For this project, I wanted to create a video that focused on alienation and loneliness. I have a lot of experiences here in Italy throughout my life feeling like I’m lost in a bubble. Unable to penetrate through it.

“Interstitial space” response: 

I have never heard of interstitial space in art before. But after reading the articles about it I feel that some of my work in the fast falls under the term “interstitial art”. Especially in terms of my sound wave that I have just constructed. I feel like it doesn’t fall under any specific genre. It could be considered fiction in the sense of how it was constructed. I wanted to create a story, but I also just documented the sounds that were actually occurring around where I was standing or sitting. So it has some documentary aspects to it as well


bio-photoJimmy Marrone, USA

Bio statement: 

My name is Jimmy Marrone and I study film and video at Hampshire College. I have experienced a few different types of cultures in the U.S., from a large liberal city to a small rural conservative town. These cultural experiences have influenced the way I make my art. I like to focus on narrative storytelling when it comes to film and video making. I love to film about the gender dynamics in society, particularly masculinity that exists in our culture and others. I am very excited to experience and learn so much from this new culture in Siena. With the help from my classmates, my professors, and the Sienese people, I will learn how to grow as an artist in this different beautiful environment.

Previous artwork by Jimmy Marrone: