Razvan Anghelache

Final Project Work:

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Collaborative Project work-in-progress: 

Tempo Zulu/ Universal Coordinated Time Intro Unit Project: 

“A man must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is nursed in darkness”. Jean Genet
With this project proposal my goal is to make people reflect on accessibility and darkness.
By having a quote engraved in braille the message can only reach those who know reading braille in English. I used braille as a way of encoding the message and the presence of the word “darkness” in the quote doesn’t have to be taken literally. Rather than associating blindness with darkness I tried to put an accent on the limitations that surround us and make us perceive the world in different ways, based on our senses.
The darkness is a metaphor that can be interpreted from many perspectives and as this quote suggests it doesn’t have to be seen as something negative. Creative blocks, mental illness, burnouts, loosing yourself in vices or addictions can all be the darkness used as fertile land for starting anew with more strength.
The choice of the place to position this stone is the former psychiatric hospital because of one of the possible interpretations of the darkness in which people can find themselves at some point in their lives.

“Points of Entry” Intro Unit Project:

For the past couple of years I’ve been working with video, performance, drawing, site-specific installations and sound. I think my recent body of work can be labeled as “interstitial art” even though I haven’t thought about it as such. My works come together through a common theme that has to do with exploring tensions, feelings of anxiety, fear and traumas. For my installations I build constructions that can envelop a room or I leave in a public area without any mention that they’re an art piece. The prominent elements used are large wood beams, found materials, metal and ready-mades. Sometimes I add layers of sound and projections of raw video footage to each piece. So even though I could categorize each project based on the mediums I used, I think my art as a whole fits into the “interstitial” category because it imposes less restrictions and allows more freedom to engage into ideas without constrains.



Razvan Anghelache, Romania-Sweden

Bio statement: 

Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1985, Razvan has had a passion for artistic expressions ever since childhood. In high school he studied Decorative Arts, learning different techniques as mosaic, sgraffito, and stained glass, also developing his interest for photography.

In 2008, he graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest with a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Media. During college he developed his computer skills and started working as a graphic designer for several companies and from 2010 as a freelance graphic artist. Since 2015 he lives and studies in Umeå, Sweden, pursuing his MA in Fine Arts.

His current body of work examines and reflects upon trauma, fear and anxiety. He uses a variety of mediums such as drawing, sculptural installation, video, sound and performance.

Previous artwork by Razvan Anghelache: