Spring 2020 Silversmithing

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Instructor’s notes from Laura de Tanti: REVISITED SILVERSMITHING COURSE

For this particular semester I radically transformed the program, which took place completely online after March 9th. The goal was to maintain the two cardinal points of the course: to stimulate students micro-manual skills and show them the trajectory to express their personal creativity.

For the “First Project” students had to create a bas-relief, using embossing techniques, to be made on copper-plated zinc sheets (a tenth of a millimeter thick) replaced by aluminum baking trays or tea candle containers when some students could find nothing else!

For the “Second Project” they had to create, with the same materials, a 3D piece of jewelry.

For the “Third Project” they had to create paper jewelry, using any type of paper or cardboard.

For the “Joker Project” they had to create an object that was decorative for the body,  but they could use any material available to them- paper, cloth, plastic, glass, resins, glues, ceramic and leather- or even putting different materials together in the same object.

Both groups (both our international study-abroad students and City Arts workshop participants from the local community) responded really well enough to make me imagine – once some digital tools have been perfected – to be able to repeat this way of working in future teaching.

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Group wax work