Silversmithing: Myrto Patramani

An archive of Silversmithing work by Mytro Patramani:


Joker and paper project :  « One cigarette away from home»

The title is from a saying in Greek meaning that the way to go back is not long…

Just long enough for a cigarette to be smoked.

My project is based on my  origami, boats made from cigarette rolling papers.

My  inspiration comes from my birth place Crete , an island in the south of Greece where you can see the sea from everywhere… and so you can see and boats! Also it’s very common for me to travel by boat.

Being isolated because of the quarantine , I think about my home often and also how frustrating it is that I can no longer travel. So boats seem like a dream now to me. Like paper boats.

I combined my head piece with a weird  necklace  ,wore the way you would wear the mask for going outside.


Che ora è?

This project is based on time. How time changed as a meaning to me through covid-19 period.  I was not able to buy the metal leaf I was supposed to use so I used foiled muffin forms and made some «unreal» clocks.

Third Project

Wax work


Mytro Patramani‘s artwork is also on display in the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show: