Antonis Douroudis

Antonis Douroudis is a participant in Team 1 of the Art Cloud Greece project, the 2021 SNF-SART Cultural Entrepreneurship Pilot Program.

He studied at the Siena Art Institute for the Spring 2020 semester through the SNF-SART Scholarship program.


My name is Antonis Douroudis (b.1997) and I’m studying architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). During the last years my creative practice includes architectural and design projects, academic research, as well as interdisciplinary artistic projects. While studying at the Siena Art Institute (SART) in the Spring 2020 semester, through the SNF-SART Scholarship Program, I had the chance to explore -among other things- my interests in photography and museum studies and practices.

The main goal of my practice is to move towards emancipatory re-imagining and re-interpretation of certain socially-constructed situations and human-made environments, both cultural and built. I am most concerned about the public sphere; how people come together, communicate, and create relationships. How the public space (physical or virtual) creates opportunities or exclusions, and to what extent non-normative identities and relationships can be performed.

Personal work: