Daniel Beers

Intro Unit Project: Walk of Destiny
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DSC_0485Daniel Beers, USA
Bio statement:


Hello! My name is Daniel Beers. I am from Pennsylvania, (USA), where I earned my Bachelor of Arts Philosophy degree from Messiah College. My academic work hitherto has focused on paradoxes involving mind-and-world. I am highly interested in German Idealism, Psychoanalysis, and Aesthetics, and desire to fashion a shared space for them in art work, while studying at the Siena Art Institute. More specifically, I am interested in the emergence and position of symbolic thought represented in speech within Nature, and the direct impact this has for the formation of the human condition. I am committed to utilizing this inter-subjective, symbolic space of discourse for understanding socio-political systems, and engaging in critical pedagogy. My current project has been designing and teaching a course, entitled African American Thought, at the Lemoyne Community Center.