Emma Waligory

Intro Unit Project: Walk of Destiny

“Gioco del cucù”

My walk led me down past a large old fountain next to a tall stone wall built into a hillside, with a brick church perched on top.  As I walked by this wall, I noticed a few different things that made this old, simple wall stand out to me.  The bricks were of varying materials and sizes, highlighting the many lives the wall has stood through.  Out of a few openings in the bricks, green plants with tendril vines had grown and were cascading over the bricks.  This intrusion of nature on a structure that has been repeatedly mended through the years struck a thought inside of me that despite human beings best efforts, nature will always find a way back.  With this thought in mind, I ended my walk at a little park with a smaller fountain and a few benches.  Since my home in the United States is in the woods, as I walk around Siena I find myself instantly drawn to the snippets of green in the city.  Another place on the walk that I noticed was the many balconies where people keep their plants and home gardens.  For my project I chose to create a layered paper “sketch” for a graphic approach to these old and timeless everyday fragments.



Emma Waligory, USA
Bio statement:
My name is Emma and I am from Boxborough, Massachusetts. I am a junior at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts where I am a English and Studio Art double major.  I working mainly with paint and always with a lot of color.  I find much of my inspiration from the natural environment around me, and the animals that reside within them.  I love to make art that is representational while still allowing for a sense of fluidity in the work through my color choices and brush work.  I hope to find inspiration this semester by exploring the landscape of Tuscany around Siena.