Mariam Arshad

Intro Unit: Walk of Destiny

As a student of Fine Arts, what influenced me the most are the Historical buildings and the sculptures. In Lahore a city in Pakistan, no such lavish street arts are found around the city.
 The contradas witnessed in Sienna,  itself narrates the historic background, lifestyle and culture of the people and the city. Every street is true as a poet’s imagination. The artist’s presences is strongly present along with the transformation in style as art evolved throughout the years. While comparing the statues, one can see the meaning and worth of each sculpture.
The most impressive sculpture is the she-wolf. The animals are shown kind and nurturing towards the children, whether  they are prey or predators. My favorite element was the sympathetic dragon, which I sketched –  towering the tall buildings and its window and doors. The windows create an impressive pattern which creates an aurora of the city.
The emphasis on the high contrast for the composition is essential,  as it highlights the theme which focuses on narrative. The composition appears light, it makes the relationship of each components in the drawing harmonious and soft. This gives an impact of a sacred heaven for both man, animal and the mythological creatures. The circular ring which is a cresent and an eclipsed sun gives an illusion of day and night which symbolizes time.
As the image appears to stretch out from the surface. It further enforces on the sacred relationship between man and nature which exists in the world. Thus you can see how the houses (man)  on the left have stretched outside the space, the moon (nature)  extending from the bottom.


Mariam Arshad, Pakistan
Bio statement:
I, Mariam Arshad, am an aspiring art student from the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Being the daughter of the world’s first ever microengraving artist, my entire childhood revolves around art and craft. I have grown up seeing my father create master pieces of art, and this has contributed a lot to what i am today. After getting a degree in fine arts from Naqsh School of Arts, I applied to and got admission in the National college of Arts, one of the most prestigious art institutes in our country. I am currently enrolled here in 3rd year of Department of Fine Arts, with Painting as a major. My portfolio is vast, both in terms of subject and medium, but it predominantly consists of oil paintings as this is the medium I enjoy the most. Boris Vallejo is one of the recent artists whose work inspires me the most. I seriously love the way he portrays the human anatomy, talking of which, Michelangelo’s study and the details of human body in his works are definitely worth a mention here.

As for my future aspirations, I intend to emerge as a responsible artist who fulfills the responsibility of portraying her culture and society in the right manner. I want to fortify my roots through knowledge, education and exposure. I believe that Sienna Art Institute can provide me with all these things, which is why i am very eager and excited to come and learn more about art and Italian culture.