Molly Sheffield

Intro Unit Project: Walk of Destiny

The walk of destiny project took me down residential streets that didn’t lead me to a famous site seeing location, panoramic view, or to a place unknown, but instead created an experience about taking the time to look at the city in an intimate light. The still hour of the morning at which I took the walk, granted me with the opportunity to see the everyday life of the Sienese people. By observing the simplicity and beauty in which they moved through the city, I was inspired to focus upon other small details of the path that I found beauty through. I used this experience of finding these small beauties to create my book, The Green Light. The book takes you to a scene of a grandfather pushing a baby “cradled in linens” to a gate guarded by a lonesome cat. From word to word, image to image a mysterious narrative evolves leading to the final destination of the green light. In taking these special moments and creating a narrative, I was mimicking my desire to understand why things are the way they are in Siena. In the end making this book for me was a resolution to the mystery of the details, as well as an understanding of my place in this city as an observer of beauty.

Molly Sheffield, USA
Bio statement:
My name is Molly Sheffield. I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago and currently reside in Northeast Ohio, receiving my education at Oberlin College and Conservatory. There I study Studio Art and Psychology. My practice focuses on capturing the absurdity of nostalgia and historical fads. I work with moments in history, moments in my life, and the idea of fetishizing the past to point at the ever changing aspects of cultural and personal norms. While I mostly work in print and book making, I wish to explore the possibilities of incorporating a more sculptural approach to these forms using ceramics and silversmithing.I am excited for my time in Siena, to explore a new culture’s history vastly different of what much of my work has captured with my American lens. I am also eager to learn in a city that has such a rich artistic history and such an appreciation for fine detail which I hope to mimic in the work I create.