Shahnur Shahzad

Intro Unit Project: Walk of Destiny

During my walk the deviant sight that enthralled me was the diminutive graffiti that was done here and there. This minimal graffiti was not vandalizing any historic buildings as it was done on objects that can be reinstated. Graffiti was adding a whole new dimension into the space by making it more appealing and intriguing the observer to look at the layers and collage that can be noticed with a little observation. For me it is like displaying a piece of yourself on an open exhibition and giving observer a chance to think about a personality of a person through the windows of graffiti.


IMG_20180825_185036Shahnur Shahzad, Pakistan
Bio statement:

I am currently a student of third year at National College of Arts, Lahore with major in sculpture. Mainly my work revolves around simple ideas and slight observations. My main focus is usually on the material I’m working with, at that time. I like to discover its nature by experimenting with it or by approaching it in a contradicting ways to create a visual language. I am still finding out my style by exploring and experimenting with diversity of materials and mediums in dissimilar ways. I don’t like to bound myself to a specific art form so I keep myself engaged in exploring other mediums of art.