Fall 2020 Photography

Click the names below to view the Photography Projects from the Fall 2020 students:

Instructor’s statement:

As always, we get to this extremely exciting moment of the final show of our hardworking students, and though this year has presented such difficulties and hasn’t enabled us to get stuff on the walls for it, the work they have all produced deserves our time to view it, to dwell on it, and to find something for ourselves in it. On the photography course they started out making daily observations, forming a diary project as the weeks went by. Each of the students have then pursued the most intriguing subjects they found their eyes would regularly search out, in this unknown territory, and consequently desire to capture photographically. Previously quite unfamiliar to the medium of photography in their art practices, I have been astounded by their ability to find their vision and language and how intuitively they perceive their surroundings, recount their stories and build fascinating bodies of work. Their work is honest and truthful and is a testimony to extraordinary times. Well done to all of them, I hope this experience, however difficult, has given them something new and will take them forward onto even greater things.

Jacqueline Tune, Photography instructor