Fall 2020 Profile: Vasilina Papadimitropoulou

Vasilina Papadimitropoulou, Greece

Vasilina Papadimitropoulou’s work is on display in the following sections of our Fall 2020 Show:

Vasilina headshotBio statement:

My name is Vasilina. Born in 1996, as a child I liked makeup, drawing and performing stories. I attended painting and pottery classes but gradually focused almost exclusively on pencil drawing. I was really lucky to study in the Department of Architecture in Volos, where an artistic approach to architecture is encouraged by many professors.  Using art techniques, I found a way to be critical, ironic, or intimate in my work, to question my design and discover multiple readings. In my free time, I got interested in scenography, helping as an art director’s and production assistant in two short movies. I’m extremely interested in what they call “the art of everyday life.”  At the moment I am particularly interested in the fields of performance and performativity concerning space formation. The way living space transcends design has inspired me from the start. This year, I started working with different materials and domestic objects as means of forming atmospheres and approaching living space. Additionally, I’m studying ways to use language as part of my design process. I believe that during this semester, through an approach not only inspired by but also based on the wide field of art, I can work on my interests with new motivation and perception.

Vasilina Papadimitropoulou is studying at the Siena Art Institute for the Fall 2020 semester thanks to the SNF-SART scholarship a special program organized in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.



Artist’s statement

rose petals – 5 or 6 or as many as you want

water – one cup

sugar or lemon


We wash the petals and leave them under the sun for a while to dry. We take half and one by one, with a spoon we squeeze them until they become mashed and all their juices are out. It is better to do this work on a plate and to pour their juices in a cup of water. in which we will also throw the mashed petals. The rest of the petals we throw them too in the same cup and leave them for a while. Then we take the spoon and try to mash the rest of the petals in the cup with the water. We don’t need to mash them completely, just a bit so as the water absorbs their scent and juices. We leave the mix for a while to get a nice color and scent, but from time to time we stir.


Facebook: Vasilina Pdm

Instagram: @vaspalina


A selection of previous work: