Charikleia Papounidou

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IMG_3286-3Bio statement:

My name is Hara and I am 23 years old. One of the biggest motivators in my engagement with art has been my teacher Nikolas Bliatkas, who inspired me to take it more seriously and encouraged me to apply to the Aristotle University of Fine Arts at the age of 16. Even though I was accepted, I decided to continue high school and eventually apply to study architecture in the University of Thessaly. During my studies I tried to express myself in every way possible. There I opened my horizons and let myself discover filmmaking, photography, scenography and animation. I tried to turn the university into an art school for myself, I would draw on every possible moment, draw my classmates, teachers or the surrounding space. Right now I feel like it is time for a different challenge, an opportunity to fully dedicate myself to what I enjoy. I am very interested in animation and have been fascinated by the works of Yuri Norstein since a very young age. I wish to explore this field more and see what will come out of it or even try something completely different. During this semester I am eager to be impacted by the environment of the school, Siena and the people around and excited to see the changes that they bring within me.


The Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2021 Greek students are supported through the SNF-SART scholarships thanks to the collaboration of the Stavros-Niarchos Foundation.


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