Elli Kikidi

The Fall 2021 work by Elli Kikidi can be seen in the following pages:

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headshot photograph (1)Bio statement:

My name is Elli Kikidi and Ι am a recent graduate of Architecture school of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As an architecture student, I had the chance to come in touch with diverse fields such as conceptual art, illustration, architectural synthesis workshops, industrial object design. 

Μy interests cover a wide range of areas but focus on the relation between art and architecture. I have found myself particularly interested in symbolic forms and primitive structures and the affect they can have on human psychology, the unconscious mind, memory and emotions. These are motives that I like to represent generally in my works, since from a young age I had been engaged with drawing, painting, crafts, and story making. For me art is a way of being completely expressive, free from rules and the fear of making mistakes. In my work, I visualize thoughts, emotions, forms, and pictures that are living in my imagination, my dreams or everyday life. I create narratives by mixing them all together without planning and thinking, particularly by free drawing and lines.



The Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2021 Greek students are supported through the SNF-SART scholarships thanks to the collaboration of the Stavros-Niarchos Foundation.


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