Rohan Mahoney

The Fall 2021 work by Rohan Mahoney can be seen in the following sections:

Art & Society



headshot 2Bio statement:

Technology is by far the most influential aspect of my creative process. I started my artistic journey in 2015 making music videos and my passion for creative expression and storytelling has stemmed into a more individualized practice. My work generally attempts to draw attention to the influence of technology on communication and the harvesting of information. Philosophy plays a key role in my creative inspiration and will continue to be a major focus in my career in higher education. I’ll be enrolling in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fall of 2022 majoring in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Writing. I hope to gain more analog creative experience during my time at Siena. This will allow me to introduce new methods of fabrication to the digitally processed visuals that command my current work. I am also incredibly excited to exchange ideas and expose myself to a new cultural exchange with participants in the program as well as the local community.

A selection of previous work: