Art & Society, Preliminary work: Angelos Sotiriou

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The following is an archive of Angelos Sotiriou‘s Preliminary work from theSpring 2020 Art & Society Course:

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The Sound of Quarantine

the lack of sound

the breath

the inner sound

the sound waves that bring fear, thoughts, noise

the inner voice

the music

Mid-Term Project: 

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Response Jerry Saltz “What Art Is and What Artists Do”:

What Art Is?

Jerry Saltz approaches art bringing in front its aspects, intentions, ideas and makes a panorama of them. An holistic approach, circular, continuous and illustrative.


Mid-Term Project work-in-progress:

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Covid-19 Reflection statement:

Corona Virus is a really famous pop star who performs every night from its balcony.

The groupies are singing, dancing and clapping in pajamas from their owns balconies.

But some balconies are empty.

Some of them are #stayingathome even if they suffer from claustrophobia, panic attacks, domestic violence.

Some of them are staying at refugee camps.

Some of them doesn’t even have a balcony.


Corona Virus music may connect people or may not.

The only way to make this music loud is to spread it

but it needs global collaboration, trust to musicians and solidarity.


If we do not embrace everyone to sing

we will still have mandatory lessons of screaming vocalization.


“Guidebook” Project:

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Reading Response: Rebecca Solnit’s”The Blue of Distance”:

Rebecca Solnit explores the relation between the light rays and the perception, the blue color and the memories of the human.

The light is fundamental element for our existence.

Makes things appeal close to our body or far away.The blue of distance will always remind us the unreachable, the impossible and the mortal. In our gaze, this blue determines the objective but in our vision this blue changes as our thoughts do.

Rebecca weaves the physical aspects of scattered light with the fragments of human memories of places, acts and objects and the retrogression process of emotions or feelings.

You only see the blue you can name.  Color seen in isolation elicit associations and embellishments that influence what we see and how we think about it.

*Russian Blues. There is no single word for the English “blue” in Russian

**A tribe in northern Namibia, named the Himba, have seemingly unusual names for colors. Color names do not only (or primarily) describe hue, but also function of the things whose color they name.

Intro Unit “Tempo Zulu” Project: 

tempo zulu (1) copy

Intro Unit Project “Walk of Destiny”:

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Click here to view the Art & Society Final Project of Angelos Sotiriou.


Angelos Sotiriou’s  artwork is also exhibited within the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show: