Art & Society, Preliminary work: Rozalia Tegougianni


Below is an archive of Rozalia Tegougianni‘s Preliminary Work from the Spring 2020 Art & Society Course:


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Virus is in the air, I can hear it

Temples are shaking with a blow

Relationships are hanging from a thread

Reflections are reshaping reality

They build new perceptions



I ‘d rather stay home with a beer

Stare at things from a distance

I think I kinda like fragility




Mid-Term Work-in-Progress:

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Reading Response Jerry Saltz “What Art Is and What Artists Do”
it conquers your body till you don’t exist anymore.
The main symptom is feeling your belly burning.
You starting being delusional and trying to find a bridge to come closer to your vision
what a mysterious virus
Covid-19 Reflection:
Response to the New Yorker Magazine article, “The Pandemic is Remaking What Performance Can Be”

our building block is our room
our city is our home
our trips are the walk to the supermarket
the mass and social media are our intergalactic communication


Mid-Term Project work-in-progress:

Guidebook Project: 


CHAPTER ONE: First impressions
what a dreamy atmosphere!
how can this be possible?
CHAPTER TWO: Realization
wait a minute…
why everything is so strict?



Reading Response: Rebecca Solnit’s “The Blue of Distance”: 

When you are a child you have desires.  They are more immediate, like you are trying to climb a steep rock.  Τhe issue is specific each time: to climb higher and higher. Movements are limited within your field of view. As you get older the rocks gradually becomes less steep. Various paths begin to form. In the beginning the choice is easy. But then as the incline decreases and more paths are revealed you don’t know what to choose. Now you can move faster as the terrain is not steep, but looking at the horizon you just see a vast expanse. The feeling of climbing is now lost with such a slight incline. You continue your path that no longer matters much. You’re not sure about anything, you have no specific goals. Your wishes are a fuzzy cloud mass that follows you to where your field of vision ends.

Sometimes you don’t even know if you’re going up or down. For one you are only sure: YOU CAN’T REACH THE HORIZON

Intro Unit “Tempo Zulu” Project: 



Intro Unit “Walk of Destiny” Project: 

The chapter of Rebeca Solnit’s text mentions the value of walking. In the modern world walking ‘becomes something consciously chosen’., a ‘reaction against the speed and alienation’. This revolutionary definition of the concept of walk is also described in the giving  examples. After all, walking is a process of human interaction with the earth and the other human beings, but at the same time a process of rebuilding each one’s psyche.

The construction I created is based on the concept of psychogeography. My project is the three-dimensional representation of my walk, as it was in my mind.

Based on my walk of destiny’s instructions, I found myself at the plaza il campo 3 times (with the plaza becoming e repetitive mention spot in my destiny walk), and so many more on the street via della cita whitch is located around the square. Via della cita is presented with discontinuities. I reach the street through the narrow shady passageways that connect it with the square. The atmosphere changes and becomes calm and mysterious when I stray from this street to the end of my journey, the temple of san Vigilio.

Rozalia Tegougianni

Bio statement: 

photoAs an undergraduate Architecture student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I found myself particularly interested in the way that the perception of experienced space is affecting the human psyche.

Because of my artistic background (classical music and drawing studies), I was occupied with design and crafts from a young age. Today I am working on this passion of mine as a costumer, set designer in a theatrical team and especially as a graphic designer. Also, I attend various international architectural and artistic workshops.

Conceptual art is the main characteristic of my creations which is indissolubly connected with the abstract territory of art. The themes of above-mentioned creations revolve around human psychosynthesis and interaction, melancholy regarding the past, the ephemeral nature of life, with all these themes subjected under an ironic prism. The irony and the romanticism portrayed in my works is reinforced by the materials being used, mostly of low quality and repurposed. Also, in many of my projects I use experimental music and sounds in order to intensify the intended experience.

I believe that my participation in SNF-SART Scholarship Program will help me gain a deeper artistic background in theoretical as well as in practical level (the variety of materials and techniques being available). Needless to say, I am excited about meritocratic nature of the program, and its wonderful location!