Spring 2020 Profile: Myrto Patramani

Myrto Patramani’s artwork is on display in the following sections of our Spring 2020 Show:

Bio statement: 

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 14.23.30I’m a visual artist, studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

After almost four years of studies, having experimented with many forms of drawings and materials, I am in a position to express myself through my art. Furthermore, I am also able to understand myself and the world around me better.  I would describe my art narrative as self-involved. I like to create “stories”, so when people see it can feel something or even relate to the themes.  My main source of inspiration is not only the human condition, as I perceive it in my daily life, but also my penchant for everyday objects. Even though my major is Painting I find my self pursuing the art of sculpture too. My aim is to combine those two with other forms of art  (printmaking, video art, literature,  poetry,  fashion )  in order to create thought provoking  installations .


Myrto Patramani is studying at the Siena Art Institute for the Spring 2020 semester thanks to a special scholarship organized in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


Group Exhibitions / Work Experience

2017 Art space in Kastella, Piraeus

2017/18 Drawing lessons for candidates wishing to attend Fine Arts courses

2019 Art assistant to Zoe Paul

2019 Practice at Material Prima (mastering the technique of head sculpture and molding)

2019 Workshop for children based on African Art

2019 Young Cretan Artists, Efek Crete

2019 Group Exhibition about Breast Feeding, Kessanlis ASFA


A selection of previous work: