Visiting San Gimignano & Contemporary Art Exhibits at Gallery Continua

As part of our orientation activities to kick off the Fall Semester, we had the privilege to see the current contemporary art exhibitions on view at Galleria Continua ( in San Gimignano:

  • Daniel Buren & Anish Kapoor
  • Carlos Garaicoa
  • Ornaghi & Prestinari

We also had a chance to explore the historic city center and see several of the site-specific contemporary artworks installed there. 




Fall 2018 semester begins!


Our Fall 2018 semester on Sept 1st, with our group of international students arriving for the start of our busy autumn program!

The semester program is grounded in the Art & Society course, which is divided into three main project units: the 3-week Introductory Project Unit, the 5-week Mid-Term Project Unit, and the 6-week Final Project Unit. Through the progression of these projects, students are guided through the production of a strong personal body of work, fostering their ongoing portfolio development.

Students’ work on their individual artistic projects is augmented by an exploration of the city of Siena and its surrounding territory as a complex historical and social setting to which students are asked to respond artistically. A variety of activities, including collaborative projects, research, visits to cultural/artistic spaces, and other locations in the local area, presentations from guest artists and creative professionals, and discussions of assigned readings contribute inspiration and context for students’ projects.

For more info about our semester schedule, visit: