Tseng Yu Chin Artist’s Talk

Join us on Tuesday, May 23rd at 6 pm for an artist’s talk with resident artist at the Siena Art Institute for May 2023 Tseng Yu Chin! The event will be held in person at the Siena Art Institute as well as live-streaming online through the Siena Art Institute’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. (6pm Italy, noon NYC)

Tseng Yu Chin began his creative career as an experimental filmmaker in Taiwan. After repeated pressures from the Taiwanese government to use his success as a filmmaker to promote political agendas, Tseng Yu-Chin left Taiwan. He currently lives in Amsterdam and Berlin with his partner.

His experiences of homophobic discrimination and victimization as a teen and young man led him to a deep understanding of the oppression of authority. His lived experiences have focused his artistic research on the conflict of self-consciousness, which he explores through video art production and extended cinema. 

More info on Tseng Yu-Chin: https://tsengyuchin.com/

Permaculture with Lorenzo Costa

Today #Permaculture expert Lorenzo Costa spoke with our students from The Ohio State University , part of their intensive program “Pathways” exploring and creating creative responses to our territory of #Siena. Thank you so much for sharing your unique perspective and experience!

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Creativity Erasmus + Project Event

The Creativity Project Multiplier event in Siena – 3 days of workshops, career orientation activities, talks and meetings to inspire teenagers and young adults about creative opportunities for their future and to inform educators in the creativity and cultural field about our project outputs! 

The Creativity Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of European Union.

For more info about the Creativity Project, visit the project page on our website

Spring Show 2023

[Italiano sotto]

Join us on Saturday April 22 from 4 to 6 P.M. for our Spring Show 2023!

As the Spring semester comes to an end, our space Il Punto/The Point will host an EXHIBITION featuring works by Siena School for Liberal Arts and Siena Art Institute students from USA, Iran, Lebanon and Greece.
Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the OPEN STUDIO hosted by resident artist Farsad Labbauf!

You can reach us from Via E. S. Piccolomini 2 (by car) or from the San Niccolò University complex (on foot), following the signs pointing at “Il Punto/The Point”.



Partecipa allo Spring Show 2023 di Siena Art Institute e Siena School for Liberal Arts sabato 22 Aprile dalle 16 alle 18!

Il semestre primaverile del 2023 si avvicina alla fine: per il nostro spazio “Il Punto/The Point” è il momento per ospitare la MOSTRA delle opere degli studenti e dei giovani artisti provenienti da USA, Iran, Libano, Grecia!

I partecipanti avranno l’opportunità di prendere parte all’OPEN STUDIO dell’artista in residenza al Siena Art Institute Farsad Labbauf!

Come raggiungerci: in macchina da Via E. S. Piccolomini 2 o a piedi dal Complesso Universitario San Niccolò, seguendo i cartelli per “Il Punto/The Point”.


Farsad Labbauf Resident Artist’s talk Apr 18

Join us on Tuesday, April 18th at 6 pm for an artist’s talk with Farsad Labbauf at the Siena Art Institute. The event will be held in person at the Siena Art Institute as well as live-streaming online through the Siena Art Institute’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. (6pm Italy, noon NYC)

Farsad Labbauf is an Iranian visual artist living and working in the New York area. Best known for his linear figurative paintings, he immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen. After enrolling in Rhode Island School of Design in 1982, Labbauf received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by a second degree in Industrial Design. His work is inspired in part by theories in quantum physics as well as  Monistic belief systems.  Subjects of his recent paintings include icons of global pop culture, war, and depictions of the self.

His paintings have been featured in more than sixty group shows across the globe, including Saatchi Gallery in London and Ex Aurum Museum in Pescara, Italy, in addition to solo exhibitions in New York, Boston, Amsterdam, Tehran, and Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art. His work is currently represented by Etemad Gallery in Iran as well as & Roya Khadjavi Projects in New York.

More info on Farsad Labbauf: