Team 3, Art Cloud Greece 2021

Team 3 includes:

Team 3 Statement:

Myrto (school of fine Arts) and Angelos (school of architecture) have many common points of interest that are found in art, architecture, new media & technologies.

They both share the love of traveling and living in communities, discovering cultures, and hanging out with other artists.

They are always looking for the up-and-coming artistic scenes of the cities that they live in, having the deeper need to connect with them. 

They live with a constant search for multiculturalism and the connection to tradition, a process that blurs the boundaries between the local and the global, sometimes making them clear and discreet and sometimes overlapping them.

Organizing projects and events as a team in the ascending art scene of Athens is alluring and vitally important to emphasize at the multicultural spots of the city. They are interested in the differences and the varieties someone can collect out of communication and our exposure to the public.

With support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), the Siena Art Institute (SART) is launching Art Cloud Greece, a new Athens-based project during 2021 that sees the direct involvement of our former students as cultural entrepreneurs. The aim is to engage the international art community that rotates around the Siena Art Institute; to provide professional experience for young artists beginning their careers; to enrich the cultural activities of local communities in Greece with particular attention to marginalized communities. Participants are organized in small teams to work on specific project goals to be completed within December 2021.