Angelos Sotiriou

Angelos Sotiriou is a participant in the Art Cloud Greece project, the 2021 SNF-SART Cultural Entrepreneurship Pilot Program.

He studied at the Siena Art Institute for the Spring 2020 semester through the SNF-SART Scholarship program.

Bio statement:

I was born and raised in a small greek village on the west coast, next to Acheloos river -well known from the ancient mythology-, next to a forest of specific fraxinus (ash tree) and next to vineyards. Until the age of 18, I was apprenticed to local painters, architects and artists after school. I studied architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with some travel breaks. I lived in rural areas in Ghana, Cambodia and Sardinia.

Today I am working as a freelance architect, I am part of the organizing team of Thernon sff and I love swing music, wine and arts.

Personal work:

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