Anila Kondi

Having the guided tour in Siena even after three months of living here, was really interesting and surprising for me because it helped me to see the city from a different point of view. Until this walk I was feeling more like a stranger rather than like a citizen. I have been walking on the same streets since I got here, but I have never noticed those gravestones on the pavement made by the artists. I found them as very nice detail to this lovely city and having someone to reveal those publicly hidden secrets brought Siena closer to me. Especially when I saw one of the gravestone located near the bus stop on Piazza Antonio Gramsci, written in my language (Albanian) and it is a quote from Edi Rama former prime minister “I don’t know how is for the others, but the relationship between Mayor and electors is like the relationship between the artist and the spectator”.


## P O S T  C A R D S##

In order to reveal a different point of view about Siena, I decided to focus more on peoples’ stories about it. My intention is very simple, by those stories I want to create a post cards with the maps of the places that people are related with, places where they had not necessary good experience or story. However my main interest is the diversity of peoples’ points of views, sensations and perceptions.


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