Fall 2017 participants

You can follow the activities of our students in the Fall 2017 semester Art and Society course through the blog listings of “Fall 2017 Projects” category, and through their profile pages listed here:

Participants in the Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2017 semester include:

For the Fall 2017 semester, the projects of the Art & Society course will be within the context of a collaborative project mapping contemporary art projects in response to specific locations.  Sponsored by the Region of Tuscany & Sillumina and in collaboration with the design team of Studio21 and the Santa Chiara FabLab of the University of Siena, we are working together to co-create an online platform “map-my-art” allowing images, videos, text, and other materials to be shared highlighting recent contemporary projects and work-in-progress which responds to specific locations in the territory of Siena.

Specific topics we will explore in our Fall 2017 projects include:

  • Connecting past to present
  • Connecting with a diverse array of artisans and artists
  • Connecting with traditional and contemporary practices
  • Connecting with the multi-layered identity of specific locations
  • Exploring Sensory Materiality
  • Creating our own responses which can be shared in-person and through our digital platform

How can your newfound surroundings in Siena and Tuscany serve as inspiration for the development of your own artistic projects?  In your decision to study at the Siena Art Institute, you are obviously interested in exploring new territories and being in contact with different cultures. We will be experiencing the history of Italy as well as its contemporary realities, and to use this inspiration to propel your ongoing artistic development.  The online platform we will create together opens up an additional venue to share your artistic creations with a broader audience, in addition to opportunities to share your work in-person, specifically during the Mid-Term Open Studio and the End-of-Semester Exhibition.

Projects made possible thanks to sponsorship from: