Spring 2014 participants

Spring 2014 Student Participants:

Elena Chemerska
Ana Cvijanovic
Anna Berlin
Abigail Weiss
Ellen King
Shristi Shrestha
Britni Ulrich
Susie Pentelow

Information on the Spring 2014 Semester:

The Art & Society course of the Spring 2014 semester is divided into three project units:

  • 3-week Introductory Project Unit (see intro unit final projects: Tempo Zulu Assignment)
  • 6-week Mid-Term Project Unit
  • 5-week Final Project Unit

Through the progression of these projects, students are guided through the production of a strong personal body of work, fostering their ongoing portfolio development.

Weeks 1-4: Introductory Unit:  Mapping and Archiving the City, led by Bernardo Giorgi and Lisa Nonken

Objective:  Orienting students to the city of Siena, both to provide a practical introduction to the resources available here but also to provide source material for their initial artistic responses.  After some initial structured group activities and excursions exploring the city, students are asked to develop their own projects to respond to their new-found surroundings in Siena.  Site visits will include Palazzo Pubblico, Santa Maria della Scala, the Duomo Museum, and the Bottini acqueducts.
Initial reading assignment:  “Shape of a Walk” from the book Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit

6-Week Unit:  Reality & Imagination:  Retreat from Reality, led by Regan Wheat

Objective:  Through the act (v.) and space (n.) of retreat, [students] will raise questions about the character of … society and the modes of artistic and cultural investigation being introduced today [and historically] to create new modes of becoming and belonging.   Adapted from Banff Research in Culture

This unit is divided into three 2-week studio exercises:

  • Site, Sight & Seriality
  • Having Just Broken the Water Pitcher:  1+1=3
  • Unfolds in Time.

Initial reading assignment:  The Order of Things:  An Archeology of the Human Sciences, Michel Foucault.  CLICK HERE for link to the reading online.

Images from the Site, Sight & Seriality studio exercise:

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Images from Intro Unit projects:

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For more information on the Tempo Zulu Project, CLICK HERE

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