Britni Ulrich

USA, Bradley University

Spring 2014 Program Participant


Final Project Statement “Suitable for Sensitive Skin”

“The personal is political”  (from: Carol Hanish, Notes from the Second Year: Women’sLiberation, 1970)

As a female visual artist, I critique the role of beauty products in society with reference to Abstract Expressionism. In my critique of the social standards imposed upon women by the beauty industry, I make reference to this art movement, which was dominated by men in the Post-World War II era. I use products – made for women – to create paintings historically made popular by men.

The marking-making in my large painting demonstrates the strife I have with the cosmetic industry and its current role in the standardization of beauty. A more subtle set of black paintings engage the space next to the larger un-stretched canvas. Here, I focus on my own self-image as a woman. The natural self-portraits are embedded within a layer of grimy mascara. Hence, I use make-up as a tool to both conceal and reveal natural beauty.


Self-Portrait Project work, with Spring Project fellow Mequitta Ahuja:


“Retreat from Reality” 6-week Project Unit: 
Work-in-Progress from first studio exercise “Sight, Site & Seriality”

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Intro Unit, Week 3: “Tempo Zulu” Project

For the third and final week of the intro unit, for her “Tempo Zulu Project” Britni created a very interseting project: a proposal for a paving stone to be installed at the threshold of the Questura office of Siena with the inscription of the word “Permesso” with black marble text on a block of white marble, and a smaller stone below white marble letters inset in a black marble stone with the word “negato” The word play explores the tensions of power structures very palpable int his location which is a center for foreigners to receive permits of stay and other official paperwork.

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Intro Unit, Week 2: “Mapping and Archiving” Project

For her Mapping & Exploring Project in week 2, Britni created a “texture box” with found and created objects/materials that the “viewer” can individually search through and explore.

Intro Unit, Week 1: “Out of the Gates” Project

In the first week of the program, for her “Out of the Gates” project, Britni created a drawing made on map that has been folded, rained on, wine spilled on, responding to her feelings of being lost and overwhelmed when first arriving in Siena.



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