Apostolis Tsamertzis

Apostolis Tsamertzis is a participant in the Art Cloud Greece project, the 2021 SNF-SART Cultural Entrepreneurship Pilot Program.

He studied at the Siena Art Institute for the Fall 2019 semester through the SNF-SART Scholarship program.


My name is Apostolis Tsamertzis, an artist from Athens and a student in Athens School Of Fine Arts. What mostly interests me in art is contemporary, conceptual subjects that are mostly focused on society, societal structures but also the place of people inside themselves and therefore inside the community.

Painting and drawing are my majors as a student. As an artist the past years I have mostly participated in exhibitions as a performer (Metamorphosis exhibition about Onassis project the concept behind my act was “interpretation”) or using installations (Platforms Project 2018, Online Platforms Project 2019 with the “ luminous chair” work and the concept of reverse light).

In 2019, I was accepted as a visiting student in Siena Art Institute under full scholarship. For 4 months I was researching the phenomenon of the local market that takes place near the fortress. The project evolved into a historic research about the old market that was more humane, more vivid and a creative space for people to interact. I gathered interviews from people that had memories of the old market (mostly people around 85-90 years old) to create my first sound installation. I projected the sound of the interviews at the fortress while the vendors were setting up their stands (around 3 am) and recorded it.

In 2020 and in the times of quarantine I started researching on my degree project. The image that occurred was that of a kitchen with every cabinet wide open. The allegory of the “inside” and the “outside” as our projection to others propelled me to explore the sounds of a kitchen, a most intimate and social space in our personal life.

The concept of the project is to have separate rooms in which the installation of a kitchen in a deconstructed state as described above and the soundscape of a fully functioning and alive kitchen would come together to enhance the experience of the contradiction between the inner and outer societal identity. A kitchen that is alive only because of the objects that constitute the idea of a kitchen makes the project complete.

All in all, the projects that I have been involved in all touch the question of how our inner self and our social personality projects onto others. This is interesting to me, and I would like to explore further because I tend to spot this duality in almost everything around me.