Jan 11 Live Broadcast

The Evolution of Space in Masterpieces of Sienese Painting

A Virtual Visit to Siena’s Pinacoteca Nazionale

Tuesday, January 11 12:15 PM EST / 6pm Italy

Get a sneak peak inside Siena, Italy and the Brandeis in Siena summer study abroad program through this virtual visit to Siena’s primary national art museum.

Explore Renaissance painting by Guido di Graziano, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Domenico Beccafumi, and others and participate in a discussion with Brandeis in Siena professors Joe Wardwell, Roberto Fineschi, and Jonathan Unglaub and Academic Director Lisa Nonken.

This event will take place virtually.



SART- Art Cloud Greece Exhibit Opening Saturday Dec 11

Saturday December 11th 2021, 6.30 P.M., Athens, Πολυτεχνείου 8, ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ space: Art Cloud Greece, an initiative of the Siena Art Institute co-sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, opens its first exhibition.

Eight young Greek artists will be the protagonists of the opening with four contemporary art projects exploring different ways to creatively involve the Athenian communities. The opening event will take place on Saturday from 6.30 to 10.00 P.M. at the ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ space, and the exhibition will also be open on Sunday from 11,30 to 1 pm and again from 4 to 7 pm. Free entrance, drinks and snacks.Art Cloud Greece is a collaborative initiative committed to creating participatory art projects in dialogue with diverse audiences. From its founding, ACG has a special connection to Italy, as it was founded by a group of Greek alumni of the Siena Art Institute. The Siena Art Institute’s international network of alumni, faculty, and resident artists offers an expansive resource for global collaborations. The initiative is a Siena Art Institute project supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.
The four Art Cloud Greece collaborative projects that will be presented at the Saturday exhibition are: Bizarre Phainomena (Fivos Chalkiopoulos & Antonis Douroudis); Stories of the Athenian Stay (Apostolis Tsamertzis & Spiros Anemoyiannis); If you were a food what would you be? (Angelos Sotiriou & Myrto Patramani); Guide to Hive (Iris Bournazou and Kyriakos Papadopoulos). The aim of the four projects was to activate participatory processes through an ongoing series of cultural events and projects during the autumn of 2021, engaging with local and international art communities while developing cultural awareness and social responsibility.Art Cloud Greece welcomes all to its opening event Saturday December 11th 2021, from 6.30 P.M. to 10.00 P.M., at the ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ space in Πολυτεχνείου 8, Athens. Free entrance, drinks and snacks.

Fall 2021 Students’ Show Dec 4

Our Fall 2021 students will be sharing their projects both online and in person at the Siena Art Institute on Saturday December 4th, with work in ceramics, photography, silversmithing, and interdisciplinary projects. 

The online presentation will be live-streaming from the Siena Art Institute’s YouTube channel and Facebook page at 4:30 pm with the in-person open studio from 5:30pm to 7pm. 

For in-person attendees, the covid-19 Green Pass is required as well as reservations (info@sienaart.org) 

We hope you can join us!

Our Fall 2021 students’ work can be seen in the course sections:

Click the names below to view the work of our Fall 2021 students:

The with tenacity and optimism, the intrepid students of the Fall 2021 semester worked on their artistic projects in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has required teachers and students alike to re-think their approach to daily life including art-making and the notion of travel and cultural exchange.  We have navigated the challenges and complexities of our new realities in these tumultuous times, and re-examining societal structures in this new context.

The Siena Art Institute’s Fall 2021 Greek students are supported through the SNF-SART scholarships thanks to the collaboration of the Stavros-Niarchos Foundation.