Fall 2020 Digital Multimedia, Tana LaKale

Below is an archive of Fall 2020 work from the Digital Multimedia course by Tana LaKale:

Final Project:

El Libro del Caos: Comida, Amor, Oro y Sexo

(The Chaos Book: Food, Love, Gold, Sex) 

Chaos Theory says that little changes in the starting conditions can create great consequences, unpredictable differences in the final result. 

Despite appearances, the chaos meaning in this theory doesn’t talk about lack of order, but about how the reality and the facts don’t follow a uniform format. 

Origins without a defined itinerary,

Without a defined end.

If creation is an explosion, in creation is chaos, and in chaos there is everything. 

Tana LaKale’s artwork is on display in the following sections of our Fall 2020 Show: